This forum, the first sponsored by the National Hydrogen Association and its newly-established Renewable Hydrogen Working Group (RHWG), is intended to objectively promote the renewable production of hydrogen by identifying and addressing the issues, challenges, and opportunities associated with related technologies, infrastructures, and economics of each of the renewable resources.


  • Provide a focused environment which facilitates the free exchange of information related to renewable hydrogen production for all interested stakeholders.

  • Present an agenda, consisting of plenaries/panels and individual presentations, designed to produce specific outputs -- including strategies and policy recommendations to accelerate the role of renewables in the transition to hydrogen.

  • Address industry specific issues and needs as introduced by industry members themselves.

  • Stimulate ideas and produce a cohesive outlook concerning the strategic relationships between renewable energy and hydrogen.

  • Lay the foundation for future forums or related activities which further the case for renewable hydrogen production.


  1. Information gathered from this forum will be used in the preparation of the following Renewable Hydrogen Working Group products:

    - Draft White Paper which provides the case for and the current status of renewable hydrogen production in the U.S.

    - Draft Fact Sheets on each of the individual renewable hydrogen production technologies.

    - A draft, notional transition schedule/vision for the rollout of renewable hydrogen.

  2. Information and recommendations from attendees which support the development of the Renewable Hydrogen Working Group plan for 2008/2009

    - Will ask all attendees to fill out a questionnaire/survey which, among other things, specifically asks for their recommendations in this area

The NHA's Renewable Hydrogen Working Group desires the assistance of the renewable trade associations to identify key issues, speakers and participation from their membership, including ACORE, AWEA, SEIA/SEPA, GEA, NH(ydropower)A and ACORE's Biofuels Coordinating Council.